If ever you required confirmation that there are some exceedingly grim individuals clawing their away across the planet, look no further than these glorified grave robbers.

Police are currently investigating a double burglary at the late star's marital house in Wrotham, Kent, South East England, after it was reported a ride-on lawnmower had been snatched from the grounds in mid-April.

Bob Geldof was reportedly planning to keep the outdoor machine in memory of his daughter, 25, but was left devastated when he discovered it had been stolen.

A neighbour told The Sun: "I know a mobile lawnmower was taken. Bob wanted to keep it for sentimental reasons, but it was broken so he asked someone to do it up. I spoke to the mechanic but he said they told him he couldn't repair it as it had been stolen. It's shocking to think someone would do that so soon after Peaches died."

However, last Friday (09.05.14) thieves struck again, but this time they deliberately damaged CCTV cameras located at the £1 million property, before breaking in.

Police rushed to the house within five minutes of receiving an emergency call, but the culprits had already fled scene.

Peaches was found dead by her husband Thomas Cohen and his mother on April 7th at the home they shared with their two young sons. Peaches was found on a bed in the spare room, while 11-month-old Phaedra was found playing nearby.  An inquest heard earlier this month that heroin was "likely" to have played a role in her death.

Police have since released a statement insisting Thomas is not under suspicion of involvement in her death; no drugs paraphernalia had been found by officials in the house at the time, sparking speculation that a friend or family member may have removed evidence from the property prior to the arrival of paramedics.