Just days ago, we read Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa Geldof's interview in the Sunday Times' Culture Magazine. In the interview, she lambasted journalists who compared her to her deceased mother. She also claimed to "belong" to Faris Badwan. Little did we know she was already married to someone else when the paper went to print. It's being reported in today's Sun that the serious journalist/presenter had a quickie wedding in Las Vegas on Tuesday, last week.

Her groom is an American called Max Drummey. He's 23. He's a drummer in a band called Chester French. He and Peaches have been together for a month. Oh, and he refused to take his sun glasses off during the nuptials. Reverend Steve Fabretti, of Vegas' Little White Chapel, said: "They held hands and looked eye-to-eye - with him still wearing sunglasses - during the ceremony. They looked very happy together. I remember the bride looked very young and pale and quite angelic... I remember thinking it strange to wear sunglasses inside the chapel." The photographer present, Gus Moreno, said: "When he did (take the glasses off), he looked pretty tired. They must have stayed up late the night before. He didn't look very smart - he had a light blue shirt and jeans on... She was demanding and sort of arrogant when I was taking the pictures. She was very picky and selective about the poses - one with both of them standing on one leg, and another of them curving round each other."

A friend of Peaches told The Sun: "She had a huge row with ex-boyfriend Faris four days before she went away. She said she wanted to get rid of a matching tattoo she had done with him. The next thing we know she is with Max, whose band is getting quite big in America. She then turned up wearing a wedding ring - saying they had got married."

Peaches' spokesperson released a statement last night, which read: "The couple tied the knot in a simple low-key ceremony in Las Vegas last week, whilst holidaying in America. Their marriage has the full support of their family and friends. Peaches and Max did not want unnecessary publicity, but following growing media speculation, have decided to set out the facts. No further comment from either will be forthcoming."

Bizarre behavior for someone who wishes not to be compared to her mother. The late Paula Yates and Sir Bob married in Las Vegas' Little Chapel of the West in 1986.