The following drivel comes from her blather fest with Fearne Cotton (which can be seen on that quality channel, ITV2, at 10.00pm tonight, kiddies!!)

The 20-year-old said: "I've been one (a Scientologist) for a while now. It's like, I was confused about what path to go through (fair enough, considering people go down paths, not through them) and I feel like I needed a spiritual path and I was looking at different things. I felt I was lacking something when I didn't have a faith (that's where a job comes in handy). In the end, all it's about is making yourself a better person (not stealing from boutiques too much). My father says anything that makes me feel like a better person and makes me happy is good (bar Valium)... You know what I'm intrigued by? Stephen Hawking's theories and Richard Dawkins' theory. That's what I care about. I want to talk about the Hadron Collider. I've always been really interested in quantum theories and how we came to be and why. That's how, I guess, I got involved in spirituality and the religious path I chose to go down."

Hmmm. I wonder what her fellow Xenu lovers would say about her bouts of public pseudo-lesbianism. Scientologists aren't exactly tolerant of homosexuality, and often it make it their quest to "rescue" those who dabble in it. Over to you, Tom.