Sure, it's only the fourth incident in two years. April was the last time she "forgot" to pay for something - a designer dress, worth over €600, which happened to get "wrapped up in her scarf".

During the weekend, the 19-year-old paid a boutique called Luna & Curious a visit, whereupon she wandered out of the shop with "a garment draped over her arm." According to The Sun: "When a store assistant noticed the item was missing, she ran out and tracked Geldof down in another designer shop nearby and confronted her about the goods. Geldof reportedly claimed she had taken the garment by accident and agreed to return to Luna & Curious to pay for it."
This is what a shop assistant had to say of the experience: "My colleague was shocked. Her behaviour was absolutely unbelievable in the shop before the incident happened. She was acting very bizarrely. The matter is closed, but an apology would have been nice." Instead, Peaches' representative offered: "She can't remember ever visiting this shop. She may have done, but not on a regular basis."

It is pretty hard to recall stuff when you're madourvit, like getting married in Vegas 'n stuff. Very fuzzy. What's glaringly clear, however, is that - despite having an abundance of time on her hands - she has yet to master the art of pixie fingering. Her overexposed face is bound to be the major hindrance. Hence it's highly feasible that Peaches and obscure Brick Lane boutiques have a contra deal on the go. She "shoplifts" something; they both get their name in the paper. Everybody's happy. That or she's simply a ragingly inept clepto.