How do you reckon Sir Bob feels when he sees headlines likes 'Ex-Pal Speaks About Geldof's 'Drug Habit'', which appeared in today's Examiner. Geldof, a name once synonymous with global aid work in the 80s, now brings narcotic abuse and dress pilfering to mind. In saying that, however, the following does come from a dubious source - that being former drummer of Towers of London, Snell, talking to the News of The World. It makes for a marginally interesting read nonetheless: "Peaches is the biggest hypocrite I know. She would go out on a drink and drug bender with us, then days later publicly claim to have a squeaky-clean, drug-free image. Every time the cocaine came out, she was there first to hoover it up." Apparently her nickname is 'Dyson' as a result. Of the leaked tape featuring Peaches attempting to purchase drugs, Snell said: "In a way it was a surprise to see her buy drugs. I never saw her once pay for or bring anything along to any of our nights out... She'll think this drug scandal is cool. If she is not careful she will head the same way as her mum."