Paul Rudd's time on 'Hot Ones' is, quite frankly, one for the ages, the books, whatever - it's a lot.

As you watch his beautiful, ageless face progress through the various incarnations of hell in spicy food form, you can see him get progressively more tangled up in it. Not only that, Rudd makes it through without taking a drink of milk or water - joining the likes of Halle Berry and Guy Fieri.

That's rarefied air, people. Rarefied air.

If you're not unfamiliar with the setup, it asks celebrities to take bites out of food with hot sauce and answer questions as they go. It's an intriguing format, something Paul Rudd points out before he bites into a giant mixture of huge spicy sauce that would most likely kill any grown human being.

It gets so bad, in fact, that they actually end up crying at the end because it's that hot.