Paul Rudd has proven to be a legend and a gent (as well as ageless) time and again.

Now the 'Ant-Man' star has captured our hearts again.

Yesterday morning, the actor handed out cookies from the bakery chain Milk Bar to early voters at the Barclay's Centre in Brooklyn.

Rudd waited with them in the pouring rain and gave blueberry-and-cream cookies to voters as they left the polls.


Brian Rosenworcel captured the act of kindness on video and posted it to Twitter.

He told CNN he was in line to vote when he spotted the actor.

"I was standing in line and I thought Paul was just there to vote, but then he starts handing out cookies to people in line," Rosenworcel said.

"And he waited to greet people as they exited to say thanks for voting in the rain."


In the video, you can hear Paul Rudd, wearing baseball cap and mask, saying: "I want to say thank you for coming out and voting and doing your part."

Other fans shared selfies they got with the Marvel star.


In an interview with NowThis at the polls, Paul Rudd said: "Anybody who is waiting in line deserves to be thanked, encouraged and recognised and that's what we wanted to do."


Now that's a superhero.