Actors often have hidden talents that they don't necessarily get to show on screen, but often will come out in some shape or form.

For example, Nick Offerman is a saxophonist and played a couple of tunes when he was on 'Parks and Recreation'. Dermot Mulroney from 'Zodiac', 'My Best Friend's Wedding', 'Friends' and about a dozen different things is a cello player and even performed on the soundtrack for 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol'.

Paul Rudd's secret talent? He can rip an apple in two with his bare hands.

You might think, hey, that's not the same as being a cello player or saxophonist. However, going by his 'Living With Yourself' co-star Aisling Bea, the feat was just as impressive. In fact, the apple-ripping became a handy metaphor for the show's cloning premise, so that worked out for everyone.

Take a look.