The 'Normal People' star was tagged on Twitter, after having breakfast at a Cork cafe. So yes, he enjoys breakfast and good company it seems.

Now, if you're a loyal reader of us here at, you'll know that we rarely write about gossip, and more about facts. It's more to do with us not being arsed to write a *glossy* column of who a celebrity's new other half may or may not be - leave them alone we say! We don't buy into the whole speculation malarky.

However, there is one expectation to the rule - anything to do with 'Normal People' and its stars.

The Irish nation, and half the world at this stage, tuned in in their droves to watch the young actors go about their tumultuous lives earlier this year, and stars Paul Mescal, Daisy Edgar-Jones, Fionn O'Shea, Sarah Greene, and India Mullen have all caught our attention for all the right reasons. Memes were created, GAA shorts have become the new fashion statement, and RTE created two comic relief versions - sure we went mad for them.

Now, on the topic of relationships, and who Paul Mescal's girlfriend is - because he and his chain sent hearts palpitating - has been on the lips of many an eager fan (and tabloid).

Whether or not they're dating, are just friends, or were meeting for the first time for a nice little breakfast we might never know, but Mescal was recently spotted out in Kinsale with American musician Phoebe Bridgers.

Here's the tweet which caught our attention and outed the pair. We haven't a clue if they're in a relationship or not, but if they are we wish them all the best.