'Normal People' star and man-responsible-for-making-chains-fashionable-again Paul Mescal has been enjoying the easing of lockdown restrictions by returning home to Ireland to visit sights such as his hometown of Maynooth and in the sunny South East.

Mescal was spotted by locals in Dungarvan and Tramore yesterday evening, properly adhering to guidelines by wearing a fashionable mask. That said, locals clocked him quick enough and got a photo or two with him.

By all accounts, Mescal seemed to having a good time in Waterford, although it's not yet clear if his chain was sighted with him at the same time. Meanwhile, voting in the Emmys has opened today and 'Normal People' is expected to score a number of nominations, including a firm favourite to secure a win for Best Limited Series.

As for Mescal's chances, who's to say? If nothing else, the likelihood is that Mescal's been inundated with role offers since the series debuted to huge critical acclaim. Don't be surprised in the slightest if he turns up in a huge blockbuster in a year or two either.

For now, at least, he's having the craic down in Waterford. Well for some, says you.