Yes, we've been here before. But it was more in an 'urban myth' capacity involving Scarlett Johansson as opposed to actual fact - like former Scientology member Paul Haggis insists it is.

The October issue of Vanity Fair magazine features an article claiming the church set Tom Cruise up with Scientologist and actress Nazanin Boniadi in 2004, before he dumped her and married Katie Holmes and while Cruise has denied the report, Crash director Haggis says it's true.

Paul - who left the organisation in 2010 - told Showbiz411: "I was deeply disturbed by how the highest ranking members of a church could so easily justify using one of their members; how they so callously punished [Boniadi] and then so effectively silenced her when it was done. It wasn't just the threats; they actually made her feel ashamed, when all she had been was human and trusting."

He also claimed the actress tried to repair her relationship with Scientology before resigning two years ago and said he understood her 'shame'.

He added: "I've met quite a number of people who have been treated shamefully but are afraid to speak out... Most of the others are just ordinary people...They live in fear of retribution, legal, financial or personal...They fear an incredibly wealthy organisation that boasts that it seeks truth, empowers people, brings families together, encourages independent thought and free speech, and champions human rights. I would like to say that I don't know how its members, many of them good and intelligent people, can remain so purposely blind when they are faced with evidence like this every day, but then I am no one to talk. I was happily blind for many years, so I know the shame that Naz feels."

So why was Naz "dumped" by Tom? Well, she wasn't into PDAs. Seriously, she was dumped because she wouldn't be into collective couch jumping. Seemingly she inadvertently partook in Tom's 'I'm seeking wife number 3' screen test when she was asked to audition for a Scientology training video role by church member Shelly Miscavige. Imagine her surprise when she was lopped a volley of questions along the lines of "So what do you think of Tom Cruise?"

The Daily Mail reports that Naz was then "told she had been selected for 'a very important mission', and ordered to break up with her boyfriend… The pair went ice-skating at Rockefeller Center, where the rink had been closed for them, then spent the night together. The actress, who has appeared in General Hospital, How I Met Your Mother and blockbuster Iron Man, was made to sign multiple confidentiality agreements over her relationship with Cruise… While the process which selected Miss Boniadi may have been arbitrary - one of the stipulations was that Cruise could not go out with a woman who had ever been in a threesome - the star soon fell hard for the young woman. However, Miss Boniadi was not affectionate enough towards her new boyfriend, Vanity Fair reports. Cruise was keen on extravagant romantic displays, and complained that the actress would not reciprocate his grand gestures."

An A-list Hollywood actor not into threesomes (of any kind), you say? Now, that's surprising. This whole story is definitely a sham.