The likes of Robert Pattinson and Megan Fox have descended on Comic-Con in San Diego. That is my tenuous reason for posting Robert Pattinson pictures. I've gone one better this time, though, here's a quote from Pattinson that he made while attending Comic-Con *jazz hands*

When asked what it was like to be famous, he said: "I never do anything normal anyway. And I just get other people to do it now! I pretty much live an almost identical life apart from being recognised. That's not exactly the worst thing in the world." No, Robert, it's not. And might we say, it's so nice to see you enjoying yourself. Look at you, there. Laughing, talking and staring...

Kirsten Stewart, on the other hand,isn't so thrilled with the attention. Or anything, much. Full stop: "It's a little overwhelming to have so many people here, but I guess it's a good thing." Yes, Kirsten, yes it is. They are your fans and pretty much pay your wages. Suck it up. And I know you're probably not too happy with your hair at the minute but, hey, it's for your Joan Jett film, right? (Please make it be for the role, please make it be for the role). And I bet it doesn't itch that much... It'll grow out in no time *ruffles hair... gets hand stuck... puts hand and Kirsten into pocket. Walks casually away*

So there you have it. That's not all though, I actually have a quote about Robert from his co-star Ashley Greene (who plays Alice Cullen, by all accounts). Yep, we're on FIRE today. She said she'd "would go insane" if she had to contend with the level of fame Pattinson does: "Maybe he was just a little insane to start with, so it kind of works for him! I couldn't imagine it. The amount of attention that I'm getting now makes me a little uncomfortable, but multiply that by 500 and that's him." Crazy and beautiful *sighs*, always a winning splice.

We've not provided a quote from Megan Fox. You are welcome.

Others featured in the gallery (which took an age to compile, hence the delay) include Anna Faris, Kristen Bell and the little dude from Finding Neverland, Olivia Wilde (not being straddled by Megan Fox in the vicinity of some wildlife, funnily enough), Eliza Dushku (whoinvited a dress to come strangle her breasts), eh - Audrina Patridge... Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, Jeff Bridges, Curly off Lost; someone who thinks he could pass for Indiana Jones, this stunning creature, and a load of other people.