This isn't just some ruse to post a load of pictures of Robert Pattinson brooding... He was "almost killed" by some female fanatics (fematics, if you will) - according to (one of) his (five) bodyguard(s / umbrella helpers):

WENN reports: "Heartthrob actor Robert Pattinson has been hit by a taxi while running away from fans who mobbed him on the New York City set of his new movie. The British star was left unhurt by the scrape, which took place in downtown Manhattan on Thursday, while he shot Remember Me in the city. A team of five burly security guards couldn't stop a swarm of teenage girls who pounced on Pattinson as he left the Strand bookstore, and as he rushed across the road to safety he was clipped on the hip by a yellow cab. According to RadarOnline, one bodyguard checked Pattinson for injuries before screaming at the devotees, 'You see what you did, you almost killed him!'"

Oooor, were you just not doing your job properly? Just a thought.