The 'X-Men' and 'Star Trek' star celebrated his milestone birthday in a very fitting way.

Back in March, durings the depths of not being able to venture outdoors, Patrick Stewart began reciting Shakespeare's sonnets for his followers on Twitter. And now managing to make it past the halfway mark, Patrick Stewart's 80th birthday was marked by him reading Shakespeare's 80th sonnet. What a lovely coincidence.

Shakespeare's 80th Sonnet, or Sonnet LXXX, speaks of the playwright's worry about a rival in his midst who he thinks is far superior.

"I had not realised that we were at a rather significant point in these sonnets. We just passed the halfway mark," says Stewart in a video posted over the weekend. "There are still 74 to go. But not only are we at the halfway mark, we are at the point of Sonnet 80. And that has special meaning for me, because tomorrow, I am 80."

Here's the video for you.

Wanting to get involved in the celebrations of his dear friend, Ian McKellen decided to let his BFF off the hook for one day, and read Shakespeare's 81st Sonnet for Patrick Stewart's 80th birthday, which fell on Monday.

Here's the ever-so-wholesome video below.