Apparently Miley's lunch attire involved a transparent top with nothing but star pasties on underneath. I'm assuming they were left on from the night before and she just threw a top over for modesty's sake; there's something not quite right about reaching for the nipple pasties first thing in the morning... "Oh, I know, I'll wear the star ones, because the heart ones are a bit much."

Anyway, 21-year-old Patrick was heading to meet her for lunch when - according to TMZ - two of a fellow road users decided to throw a full bottle of water at him from a neighbouring car.

Most people would feel bemused, shocked, then slightly refreshed under the Californian sun, and then go about their business - but Patrick opted to pursue. It didn't end well. 

TMZ reports: "We're told Patrick got pissed and started chasing the guy... who at some point banged a u-turn and ended up ramming Patrick's car. Although the damage was minor... the guy fled the scene. Patrick drove on to hook-up with GF Miley Cyrus for lunch at a nearby restaurant and called cops from there. Officers showed up, took a report ... and opened an assault with a deadly weapon investigation. Bonus for cops - they got to meet Miley, who we're told was wearing a sheer top with star pasties underneath."

Again, because the heart shaped ones are a bit much for lunch. As for the "deadly weapon" they're referring to, we can assume they mean the bottle of full water being used as a missile.