LaToya was first to leave, surprisingly, while *sings* Patches... the Yetty Maaan got the boot second. Which means Ben is still in there - whoop! That's about the size of it. OK, there was a bit more, like footage of the housemates watching Obama's historical inauguration, which was followed by Tommy saying: "It's much better than seeing that wee bloody nutter sitting there" which sparked something of patriotic backlash from LaToya and Verne. Albeit a very quiet backlash. Tommy came across quite amiably in this exit interview, while LaToya with all the "tee heeing" and close up shots only served to compound my already lurking suspicion that Michael pays her to undergo the same surgical procedures so he still resembles at least one member of his family.

Apologies, the brain is a bit spent today. Sir Rantsalot had me awake all last night banging on about how Irish Rail are ripping commuters off in an acute fashion by, for example, hiking up their return tickets prices from Dublin to Cork by €5 each year. I see his point. It was €61 for a five day return in December 2007, €66 in 2008 and now it's a whopping €71. That's an increase of €10 in just over a year. What's even better is they've done away with the Weekender Ticket which allowed for some discount for regular commuters. Does this mean in two years it'll be over €80 to buy a return train ticket to Cork?! How are people meant to maintain long distance relationships under these circumstances!?! Ok... *breathes* I nearly roused the wee beast there... For the two individuals wondering who Rantsalot is; he's an angry little mite (remember the 'Brick Keepers' from The Labyrinth? They got extremely irked when 'Sarah' kept scrawling lipstick arrows on their paving slabs, so they kept switching them around, shouting that her "mother is a fragging aardvark!" Well, he's kind've like one of them. Except he's Scottish) who infiltrates my brain more often than he should. However, without him, I'd probably just loll about the house, scratching myself all day. Tonight, he'll most likely keep me awake, squawking about the exchange rate ("Its 93 pence Sterling to the Euro now, WHY isn't that replicated in our clothes shops, hey?! How can they charge €23.99 for a cardi when it's also clearly marked £14.99!?!") or the how the 1% deduction will impact on the pay check from the end of this month. But you don't need to be reading this.

Let's move swiftly on to eviction predictions! I bet, in order of oustage, it will proceed thusly: Coolio, Ulrika, Ben, then Terry, with Verne winning. Or maybe Coolio, Ben, Ulrika, Terry, then Verne... Verne's winning regardless.

Last Night's Highlights: Coolio being visably touched after seeing Obama's inauguration. Last Night's Lowlights: Tommy fiddling wi' himself, saying "Ooooh, ma goolies are shtuck" (although Ulrika's response of "That's attractive" almost made up for it). What We Can Expect Tonight: Filler.