WARNING: Paris Hilton will be in London next weekend. Ergo, she'll be all over every magazine... more than usual. She's currently traveling with Benji Madden while Good Charlotte are on their world tour. 'Cause, you know, what else would she be doing? Well, apart from judging the Miss Turkey beauty competition and making an EEEEEJIT out of herself in the process. First she was photographed putting what she thought was a veil up to her face, when in fact it was a belt. Then she attempted belly dancing. Keep an eye on the musicians in the background and her face at the end. You can almost see a tear. Evidently you can't buy rhythm... and just as well cause, in her case, it'd come at a pretty hefty price and Granddad Hilton omitting her from his will wouldn't help matters. She's tried to blow this snub off by claiming it won't effect her. She also had a pop at her "haters" (i.e. the press, the very people that made her) in the process: "I don't pay attention to lies because I am a good person. I work very hard and I've built this empire on my own. I think this is an inspiration for a lot of girls out there." *red mist descends... hurls laptop out window... sheepishly trots to retrieve it. Commences key hammering* On your own, yeah? If you weren't spawned by money you'd be unemployable as anything requiring basic mental abilities or rhythm - so that's stripping out. As for imparting the message to girls that they too can have your lifestyle, if they release a video of themselves looking dejected at not being able to answer their mobile while engaged in an animatronic tryst with the likes of Rick Saloman?! SHAME on you.