It's a petrifying thought to be faced with… the realisation that there are people out there who make Paris Hilton look sane. Paris is being sued by fellow Californian, Nicolle O'Neill who stipulates that Paris "stole" her look. According to IMDB, "In a bizarre personal injury complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court earlier this month, O'Neill alleges that she suffers psychologically because of Hilton and accuses the 26-year-old of ripping off her style, including fashion-related "patens" (sic) and "stiling" (sic) tips. Two pages of documents spell out specific charges against Hilton, including a claim that she stole O'Neill's idea to expose her underwear under her trousers. O'Neill also claims Paris swiped her idea to shop in vintage stores for retro dresses." Nicolle, you're also forgetting that Paris stole your idea to act like a complete idit (sic).