Cue shouts of 'You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!', as Paris Jackson wants to make Conrad Murray pay for Michael Jackson's death. Not sure if that's literal of figurative, but either way it's a bold statement.

The 15-year-old star is allegedly determined to force the doctor - who administered the fatal dose of Propofol which killed the King of Pop in June 2009 - to testify in her family's wrongful death lawsuit against concert promoter AEG Live, who hired Conrad to help Michael during his final 'This Is It' concerts. Murray previously threatened a 'seismic shock' to both sides of the court if he's made testify, so there might be some uncomfortable truths on the cards for Jackson. Martial arts fan Paris has apparently vowed to 'karate chop' the jailed doctor if he refuses to give evidence to get the Jackson family £26 billion in compensation, which doesn't sound like the most sensible idea but then she is still a teenager.

A source told The Sun newspaper: 'Paris wants to kick Murray's butt. She wants him to explain what pressure he was under to make Michael perform. When she gives evidence she plans to tear him apart.'

Conrad is serving a four-year prison sentence for involuntary manslaughter, but is refusing to testify in the Los Angeles court about whether he was forced to give the 'Thriller' singer drugs. He claims he is innocent of Michael's death and has recently launched a second appeal to leave prison while his case is being examined. The disgraced physician told current affairs show 'Anderson Cooper 360' earlier this month: 'If I testify, I will testify very honestly. 'It is a sad thing when I look at what's going on the television because if Michael was alive today he would be absolutely upset, he would be so unhappy with what is happening.'