Having turned 18 last April, Paris Jackson has given her first fully in-depth interview - and it revealed some fairly explosive personally-held beliefs about her father.

Michael Jackson's only daughter and second-eldest child told Rolling Stone about her blissfully happy childhood growing up in California before the pop icon died when she was 11.

She also discussed the much-talked-about question of her parentage, saying that it was the first and "only time" that she would address the issue  - and that she believed that Jackson was her biological dad despite the many rumours over the years. "He is my father," she said. "He will always be my father. He never wasn't, and he never will not be. People that knew him really well say they see him in me, that it's almost scary."

She added that she 'considers herself black' and points to people like actor Wentworth Miller - who has one black and one white parent - as proof that it is possible to have a lighter skin tone. "[Michael] would look me in the eyes and he'd point his finger at me and he'd be like, 'You're black. Be proud of your roots.' And I'd be like, 'OK, he's my dad, why would he lie to me?' So I just believe what he told me. 'Cause, to my knowledge, he's never lied to me.

"Most people that don't know me call me white. I've got light skin and, especially since I've had my hair blond, I look like I was born in Finland or something."

Perhaps most surprisingly, she also spoke about how she believes that her father was 'murdered'. "Absolutely. Because it's obvious," she said. "All arrows point to that. It sounds like a total conspiracy theory and it sounds like bullshit, but all real fans and everybody in the family knows it. It was a setup. It was bullshit", adding that she was 'trying to play the chess game' to uncover the truth.

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