It's not news that celebrities sometimes employ the services of wigs to detract attention from themselves in public. Although, when it's electric blue, that negates the purpose somewhat. Considering this particular celebrity chose a pair of horn rimmed glasses, the Parisian version of the Aran jumper, and a red fan with which to draw further attention to herself, one can only assume it's Katy Perry under there?

Perry is in Paris at the moment, prancing around stage in this, and going shopping in Colette in that. She also managed to take in the Jean-Charles de Castelbajac fashion show. No one else famous was there; the usual herd instead chose to attend yet another Chanel show. We have Caroline Sieber and Joanna Price in wantonly covetable garb, while Florence played it down pour le change, unlike her doppelganger (over her left shoulder there... ah - is that how 'Florence' has managed to attend both The Oscars and Elton's viewing party?) As for Bingbing, we're fast becoming fans.

Also in attendance: Natalie Vodinaova's sensible footwear, Alexa Chung's golf clubs, and Kanye West - who wants the world to know he's really into fashion now. Like, so really into it. He's not even kidding.

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