Not that we'd ever condone marijuana use - because it's illegal in this country - how cool is it that you can get jelly-babies with dope in them?

You've got wonder at the technological and chemical prowess of people to be able to do that. Not the fact that it's sugary sweets and dope mixed together. No. Not at all. *cough*

So anyway, police in Colorado are warning parents to be vigilant this Hallowe'en as marijuana-infused sweets and chocolate - known colloquially as edibles - have become much more common since the state legalised recreational use of the drug.

Police released a video showing two gummy bears that looked identical, warning parents that they will be unable to spot the difference initially.

Which, to be honest, is fair enough. Except state law strictly prohibits children using marijuana and all food that contains marijuana has to be expressly marked and visible.

Police are aware that it's more likely children could potentially eat the hash-infused sweets by accident instead of someone maliciously giving them.


via SkyNews