R. Kelly is reportedly holding young women against their will in what's being described as a 'cult' by a parent of one of the girls involved.

A shocking report was published on Buzzfeed News today which claims that the R & B singer is keeping six women in his homes in Chicago and Atlanta and “controls every aspect of their lives: dictating what they eat, how they dress, when they bathe, when they sleep, and how they engage in sexual encounters that he records.”

A former member of Kelly's inner circle, Cheryl Mack, has also spoken out about the situation. Mack worked as R. Kelly's personal assistant for a year and half starting in 2013. She labelled Kelly as a 'master of mind control.' She said that most of these girls initially think they're going to live a lavish lifestyle with Kelly but that the reality of the situation is far more sinister.

“No. You have to ask for food. You have to ask to go use the bathroom. … [Kelly] is a master at mind control. ... He is a puppet master.”

Kitti Jones and Asante McGee, two women who claim to have previously lived with and had sexual relationships with Kelly, said that he controlled their phone and social media usage while they were under his roof, and they were not allowed to take photos with Kelly or of the rooms they were living in. 

Mack, Jones and McGee also claim that women who live with Kelly are required to call him “Daddy” and must ask his permission to leave their assigned rooms in the 'guest house' Kelly rents near his own rented mansion. They also say he confiscates the women’s cell phones so they cannot contact their friends and family, and gives them new phones that they are only allowed to use to contact him or others with his permission. McGee and Jones also said that Kelly films his sexual activities and shows the videos to the men in his inner circle. 

A parent of one of the young women that currently lives with the singer described the last time she saw her daughter in December of last year.

“It was as if she was brainwashed. [She] looked like a prisoner — it was horrible,” she said. “I hugged her and hugged her. But she just kept saying she’s in love and [Kelly] is the one who cares for her. I don’t know what to do. I hope that if I get her back, I can get her treatment for victims of cults. They can reprogram her. But I wish I could have stopped it from happening.”

Police in both Georgia and Illinois have reportedly conducted welfare checks on the girls in both of Kelly's homes but it didn't lead to any charges being filed against the singer. One of the women, an aspiring singer from Georgia, reportedly told police that she was “fine and did not want to be bothered.”

All of the women involved are of legal age and thus are free to take part in any sort of relationship they want no matter how nontraditional it may be. 

You can and should read the full report here

Via Buzzfeed