This is just awful for all involved. Apparently one of Beieber's friends took his famous white Ferrari for a spin last night, and an as yet unnamed paparazzo was killed whilst taking pictures of the car. According to TMZ, the car was pulled over for a routine traffic stop in LA and while the Beebs was definitely not behind the wheel, a paparazzi had been following and was trying to take pictures of the police conducting the inquiry with the driver. Having been told by the police to move away because it wasn't safe, he was then struck by an oncoming vehicle and killed. LAPD are now investigating the accident.

This isn't the first time that a pap has been hurt while chasing a celebrity, but that doesn't make the situation any less terrible; given the lengths in which paparazzi will go to for a quick snap, accidents like this are, unfortunately, bound to happen. If you've ever seen any behind the scenes style documentaries on the A-list celebs, you'll have seen the crazy madness that follows them around, with different paps literally fighting each other for that one photo, and driving like lunatics chasing people around Hollywood. It makes for unsafe conditions for everyone involved. Lord knows Lindsay's been victim to it enough times. Hopefully this will see some sort of end to the attitude that any and all means are okay when it comes to paparazzi and celebrities.