Before we begin, it's worth acknowledging that there IS a possibility that Padraig Harrington may in fact be a huge fan of Korean pop sensations EXO and Seulgi, but the fact remains that his Twitter account has definitely been hacked.

The six-time PGA Tour winner's account has begun posting videos of K-pop singers and bands, and slightly more NSFW imagery in the past day or so and has even changed his name from Padraig Harrington to Tammy Boolman, complete with a new profile pic of a blonde tattooed woman in a revealing outfit.

As of writing, it appears the account is still compromised and posting dangerously infectious pop hits from South Korea. Be careful clicking on any links or you'll find yourself hooked on the pop hooks, people.

Expect these tweets to be gone in the next hour or so, but the idea of Padraig Harrington enjoying K-pop will live with us forever.


Via Twitter