Remember yesterday when we said that the weekend was going to be unseasonable warm and that we were in for a mixed bag bit of everything? Well turns out that mixed bag comes with a lot of rain. A lot.

According to Met Éireann, we've got a nice little Yellow Weather Warning and can expect:

'Some intense rainfall will occur at times from Friday through to Sunday night. Southern and western counties, especially the coastal and mountainous areas, will get intense rainfall at times over short periods. Overall rainfall through the period could range from 60 to 90mm in these southern and western coastal counties.'

All of this is set to kick in from lunchtime today until midnight on Sunday, along with strong winds exceeding 100km/h and possible tornadoes according to Irish Weather Online to just make this wettening all the more unavoidable. And this is what the storm front moving towards us looks like.

So yeah, bang out the wellies, cancel those weekend plans, warm up Netflix and the take away menus and get a two day supply of wine in and just don't leave the house for 48 hours. You're better off.