Ozzy Osbourne's at it again, and set fire to his kitchen while cooking a bacon sandwich.

The Black Sabbath rocker was making up a pork treat for himself at the family home in Los Angeles but things went wrong as the meat sizzled in the pan, causing a blaze sp bad he had to call the fire service out to deal with the flames. Luckily though he wasn't hurt.

In a Tweet posted on yesterday, his wife Sharon - who is London for the launch of the new series of 'The X Factor' - revealed:

Despite his fire fright, Ozzy was fine after the incident and was able to join his Black Sabbath bandmates for a concert at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine, Orange County, California, on Wednesday night. The  now 64-year-old and his bandmates - bassist Geezer Butler and guitarist Tony Iommi - performed for a sold-out audience which included Ozzy and Sharon's daughter Kelly.

The 'Fashion Police' star posted on Twitter:

The bacon sandwich incident is not the Osbourne family's first brush with fire. In December 2012, Ozzy accidentally set fire to his hair while trying to put out a small blaze cause by an oil candle. Then in January 2013, Sharon had to call in firefighters after forgetting to extinguish a candle before she went to bed which set fire to some of her furniture. Since the two incidents the 60-year-old star has banned candles from the family home.