Some people just don't get that you can't really bring a flamethrower to a party.

Sure enough, Inigio Lapwood - yes, that's really his name - did just that when he attend the annual Christ Church party in Oxford College. Lapwood built a homemade flamethrower from a nailgun and glowplug from an engine to ignite the butane canister he'd attached.

Lapwood, who's a second year Philosophy and Pyschology student, thought it wasn't dangerous at all. "I used it for about ten minutes, and it's not as though I set any of my friends on fire. I used it well away from anyone, I never took it inside and I dismantled it after I used it."

Although nobody was injured, the party was shut down by college officials shortly after Lapwood used the flamethrower. The flamethrower was part of his costume, in which he wore a Space Invaders symbol over his shirt. The joke being that he was Arcade Fire.

Good one, Inigo. Good one.


Via Telegraph