Own a dog? Not in Iran, you don't.

In what is truly WTF-worthy, a ban in Iran (heh, that rhymes) will see anyone owning a dog face up to 100 million rials (that's just under €3,000) and 74 lashes in a public square.

The ban states that anyone who walks a dog or pets it in public is coming into conflict with Islam and will damage Islamic culture.

Yet, surprisingly, it is not expressly forbidden in the Koran that dog ownership is illegal. Furthermore, owning or petting a dog is not consider Haram - the Islamic meaning of sinful - but rather keeping a dog without water, shelter or on a short leash IS considered haram.

Strange, eh?

The bill, which has been signed by 32 members of the Iranian parliament, could soon be law after a number of people were arrested for walking dogs on the streets of Tehran.


via IBTimes.co.uk