Forget about all the old wives tales, if you want to have a son, just pick up a couple more burgers and have a beer.

A study carried out by Peking University Hospital, Shenzhen, claims that obese and overweight men are far more likely to produce a son when fathering a child.

8,500 couples going through fertility treatment were studied in the research, with slim-normal size males father 611 boys and 569 girls, which falls in the bracket of a typical sex ratio.

However, men who tipped the scales a little heavier than the slim-lined counterparts were found to be 27% more likely to have a son, which is far higher than normal.

While the researchers have no idea what caused this result, one possibility could be female embryos created by overweight men may not be as strong as the male equivalent, while

Simon Fishel, a leading British fertility expert, has said that overweight men make more ‘Y’ sperm, which create boys upon fertilisation.

So really nobody knows, but it seems to work. Ah, science, you have to love it.

Via The Metro