To say the photos from London Fashion Week have tapered off somewhat is something of an understatement. And as for the calibre, well, it's plummeted.

Featured today we have omnipresent Palermo; Louise Redknapp; Samantha Cameron; Kanye West's ex-girlfriend's hoop; Marina Diamandis making Paloma Faith look a sombre radioactive Minnie Mouse; M.I.A. and - thank God for them - Charlotte Delall and Yasmin LeBon.

There's also George Lamb, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and Emilia Fox, and this creature, but they didn't actually attend a London Fashion Week show per say; they attended a shoe launch in Harrods. I just stuck them into the gallery to make it appear more interesting... didn't it work a treat.

Apologies, I would write something more inspired, but my boss insisted I join Facebook (been putting it off for years) and I've been stuck in an infinite loop of status updates, friend requests and general self-absorbtion via memory lane since.

Feel free to be my "friend". I have bugger all in the grand scheme of things.

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