We've been busy these last few weeks, putting together a new section for entertainment.ie readers that we're sure will blow you away...

Or at least carry you away gently to somewhere that you may never have been before, as we're launching our Escapes Away section. This is the new home of all things travel on our website, from recommendations on the best places to visit to exclusive offers for our lovely, loyal readers. 

We've got some quality content in store for you too, with insider guides on where to go and what to see in well-known cities such as Berlin and Madrid, and some lesser-traveled paths through places such as Zaragoza in Spain or Ragusa in Sicily that might turn you on to something new and help you plan your next holiday. 

You will also find exclusive, special offers from our travel partners for our readers, whether you want to go skiing or start organising your 2015 holiday in advance, and with much more to come too that will make sure that, no matter what your destination, you'll find the best deals on entertainment.ie.

We'll have top travel tips, plenty of galleries (not too many of our holiday snaps, we swear), where to get your breaks away if you want to soak up some sun or soak up some culture, and match your budget whether you're going on a shoestring or heading for the lap of luxury. So, don't be shy and delve in to some of the great content that's ready for you to enjoy, and let us know what you think in the comments below, on Twitter, or on Facebook. 

Main pic via fdecomite/Flickr