UPDATED: The first batch of award wonderments are in. You can check out the winners from last night's IFTAS in Movie News. If you're only interested in looking at the photos, here's the red carpet gallery and the winners gallery. Expect lots of Kim Cattrall...

Red Carpet Extravaganza Weekend is upon us again. Approximately his time last year, we had three award ceremonies on the trott over a cold February weekend. The Meteors on the Friday, followed by the IFTAs on the Saturday, which were in turn followed by the BAFTAs on the Sunday.

This year, given The Meaties (still makes me go "ew") are "on a break", I thought we'd have a bit of a break. Not so; The Grammy's have decided to move themselves back two weeks, so they're on Sunday as well. Yaaay.

In short, if you too enjoy scrutinising photos of red carpet fodder, this is the place to be from Sunday morning. Mike's going to the IFTAs on Saturday night and said he'll attempt to Tweet (twitter.com/EntertainmentIE) from under the table. He's also promising a write up. Failing that, I'll have a list of winners up from the wee hours of Sunday morning, whereupon hundreds of photos will appear in Caught Out.

I will be covering the BAFTAs (from my couch) on Sunday night. I too will attempt to Tweet, there'll also be an blow-by-blow rundown of events, similar to this, coming your way on Monday morning, as well as a rake load of red carpet analysis.

And who could forget The Grammys... Assuming I've not imploded thanks to the heady mix of fatigue and sequins, there will also be extensive coverage of the winners and the Red Carpet action.

*presets alarm for 5am Monday morning*