See!! We knew it could actually happen.

Some called it an old wives’ tale, other heard a rumour about a lad from two towns over having it done to him, but Alan Parke, a 22-year-old from Donegal, is proof that a man’s worst nightmare can actually happen.

Parke, who yesterday told his story to the Daily Mirror, said that he was in the middle of having sex with his girlfriend Clarissa when “all of a sudden I heard something snap”. That snap? Yeah, it was his penis. If you don’t like think about that sound, imagine how his poor neighbours must feel, according to his missus they could hear him screaming from next door.

Anyway, a snap is never a good thing to hear, much like the line “There was blood everywhere, I couldn't control it”, so Parke was rushed to the Letterkenny General Hospital, but as the doctors had never seen an injury like it before, he was sent to a Galway hospital where they confirmed he’d fractured his penis.

Parke, who called it “the worst pain I’ve ever experienced”, had to take eight weeks off work as he was bed-ridden waiting for the injury heal itself. He couldn’t even play with himself, so we can’t imagine how he passed the time.

Thankfully, three months later, he’s just about back to 100%, although it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Parke claims he had to call for an ambulance seven times in the first two weeks, as he couldn’t control the bleeding.

There you go, a whole story about a lad breaking his willy, and not one pun. Yes, we’re very proud of ourselves.

Via: The Daily Mirror