Here's Mike's winning blurb from last night's Oscars. I'd write something, but I was alseep.

We had such high hopes. James Franco is one of the coolest people on the planet at the moment, and when he signed up to host this year (whatever about Anne Hathaway) it genuinely promised something different – almost angerous. What we got was an amusing, Billy Crystal style opening, followed by poor teleprompter reading - mainly from Franco. Maybe he’s just like that other great actor, De Niro, and is best off sticking to churning out great, big screen based performances. He looked disinterested from the start, with Hathaway constantly on a different level of giddy.

The show just wasn’t funny. Very few of the speeches were funny, very few of the segments were funny and the whole thing made me yearn for a Ricky Gervais gate-crashing. Incidentally, in a pre-show interview Franco took a shot at Gervais saying he “bombed” at the Golden Globes. Bullshit. He injected some life into a format that has become so stale, it sucks every last drop of enthusiasm from your brain as you’re watching it. Franco is a wonderful, wonderful actor and artist but he was awful tonight...

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