And so the Pre-Oscar Parties begin, giving folk who have absolutely no chance of attending the ceremony itself feel involved in some way.

That's not necessarily true in all cases, however. True, we have Emmy Rossum, Maggie Grace, Sophia Bush, this tat-enthusiast and Lady Victoria Hervey sidling up to the Global Green USA's 9th Annual Pre-Oscar party, but the guestlist attending the Pre-Oscar party in honour of Charlie Chaplin had a bit more sparkle. They're offering us Rose McGowan, Julia Ormond, Julie Delpy eating an apple, Missy Pyle who has that one scene in The Artist, and Samantha Ronson getting papped after paying Lindsay Lohan a visit.

Hang on, though, they also had an actual Oscar-nominated actress, The Help's Jessica Chastain...'s breasts.

George Clooney opens his home to woo voters, Jessica Chastain opens her bra. Both winners.