They say every day is a school day. So it's a great day to learn that Oscar Isaac was in a ska band called The Blinking Underdogs.

We can only ask "what if" to the notion of him continuing down his musical path. We can forgive him for accepting a place in the coveted Juilliard school of acting instead.

However, it was nice to see him reminisce in a Variety-hosted chat with fellow actor and musician Jared Leto. The two were talking as part of the 'Actors on Actors' series.

Leto was listing the similarities between them when he mentioned, "We both make music, and we both opened for Green Day."

Isaac replied with "Did you open for Green Day? That’s amazing!" To which Leto said, "It was a festival in Italy. This storm came out of nowhere and they shut the show down during our (30 Seconds to Mars) last song. And then Green Day actually never played. So technically, I don’t know if I did open for Green Day, but we were on the same bill."

Turns out Isaac's Green Day story was a little more tenuous, but impressive nonetheless considering it's not what he's known for. "We’re even more of a technicality. We played at the same festival, not even on the same stage. But we played beforehand. Still counts."

The two actors, who also chatted about both working with Denis Villeneuve (Isaac with 'Dune' and Leto with 'Blade Runer 2049'), had a really interesting chat on all things music and acting.

Another great story to come out of the conversation was Isaac writing his first play and starring in his own musical in high school.

"Yeah, the assignment was to write a paragraph short story as an animal on Noah's ark, and I wrote a musical that was like 20 pages. My teacher, Mrs. Stuckey, I still remember her, she was like, 'We're going to make this into a play and you're going to be the main character, the platypus.'

"[The next year,] I played the devil and I scared the teacher. And then girls started being interested in me, and I'm like, 'This is amazing. I’ve found my calling.'"

Isaac stars in the upcoming Marvel series 'Moon Knight', with Leto following him into the MCU in the upcoming 'Morbeus'.