Sad news today for those cherishing fuzzy childhood memories of Orville, for Keith Harris has passed away after a battle with cancer. 

According to The Mirror, the ventriloquist and record producer passed away this morning at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. 

Harris, who had his own BBC Saturday Night Show, sprang to fame in the 70s and was even drafted in to entertain the likes of Wills and Harry during their birthday parties. 

A regular on the panel show circuit, he wasn't a fame hungry sort given he reportedly refused a cameo on Ricky Gervais' Extras, as he reckoned it was "pure filth". 

He is survived by two teenage children, Kitty, 15, and Shenton, 13, from his marriage to four wife Sarah and daughter Skye, 27 from his first marriage.


For those of you looking for the more upbeat remix from the early noughties, we won't have you left wanting.