The daily ultra-Orthodox Jewish newspaper HaMevaser has caused a stir around the world after photoshopping female world leaders out of the pictures from the Charlie Hebdo rally in Paris.

The paper, which publishes daily in Israel, has garnered international attention after publishing an edited version of a picture from the rally in Paris in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in which female world leaders had been removed.

Israeli news site Walla spotted that the picture had been edited, and pointed out that Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, had been front and centre in the original version, but was not present in the image on the front page of HaMevaser. The picture, which was shared by the Prime Minister of Israel, can be seen in the main image above, while the edited version on the front page is below.

Pic via Hamevaser/BuzzFeed

According to BuzzFeed, several other female leaders were missing from the edited version of the picture, including Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo and EU Foreign Affairs and Security Chief Federica Mogherini. They added that "Ultra-Orthodox groups in Jerusalem have become increasingly active in erasing women from public advertisements and newspapers sold within their communities" for fear that there would be violent reactions, and it is becoming a common practice amongst the more conservative communities in Jerusalem. There were also reports several weeks ago that groups of ultra-Orthodox Jewish passengers on flights had caused several delays on various routes as a result of their refusal to sit next to females

Via BuzzFeed. Main pic via Prime Minister of Israel/Facebook