There's no two ways to say this - Rumer Willis is weird looking. Seriously, she's like a peanut, or Mr. Potato Head's fancy woman, with unnervingly sensuous eyes. That simple fact, however, didn't stop Orlando Bloom from giving her a whirl at Prince's post-Oscars party (yep, we're still talking about the Oscars). Although, Orlando's penchant for the strange looking (Kate Bosworth pre-rampant weightloss aside) isn't that surprising considering he enjoyed a tryst with Penelope Cruz at last year's bash - someone who's undeniably a half-sex-nymph-half-meerkat/woodland creature hybrid... thing... who needs a prosthetic arse on occasion. But I digress; Orlando probably views his latest conquest as an upgrade as she's 12-years his junior (and Rumer's ma can't really give out there). Seemingly they were seen at Prince's party sitting "very, very close to each other and the chemistry was electric. It was the talk of the party. After all, Orlando has become one of the most desirable men in Hollywood. Rumer was enjoying all the attention she was getting from Orlando - not to mention all the green eyes in the room." She shouldn't be too chuffed though, she's one of many by all accounts - he's currently dating Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr, "who was nowhere in sight."