One day, it's Sarah Jessica Parker and hubby Matthew Broderick knocking about Dublin, the next it's Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry hanging about Cobh, having a wee coffee in Cork. Perhaps more celebrities are starting to catch on to what Matt Damon learned over lockdown: Ireland is just lovely (especially when the sun is shining).

Bloom and Perry came to Cobh by (cruise) ship in true 'Pirates of the Caribbean' style yesterday and sure isn't it well for them? The pair were aboard the Norwegian Prima cruise liner which was reportedly christened by Perry as she dubbed herself the "Godmother "of the ship on social media.

She also performed at the christening ceremony in Reykjavik dressed as some sort of funky mushroom lady. In a clip shared online, she's seen belting her hit song 'Dark Horse'.

A fan shared a photo of the pair with their two-year-old daughter Daisy onboard the ship as it made it's maiden voyage from Iceland. The snap shows the family navigating what looks like the ship's controls.

They made their way to Cork city centre for a coffee and were spotted at Three Fools Coffee, where a fan, Ronan Murphy, nabbed the 'Lord of the Rings' actor for a selfie. Murphy later shared on Twitter that Bloom reckoned it was the best coffee he'd ever tasted. Imagine.

Did you spot the celeb couple yesterday?