You may think it's a little unusual that someone as famous and as influential as Oprah Winfrey has not published her memoir yet - but that's all set to change, as it's on the way in 2017.

Winfrey, who retired from her monumentally successful Oprah Winfrey Show in 2011 but has continued to work in TV and film, will publish the long-awaited 'The Life You Want' in January 2017 via Flatiron Books. The deal includes securing her own imprint via publishing house Macmillan.

According to Flatiron, the book is "a remarkable combination of Oprah's life story and the lessons we can all draw from it for our personal growth."

Winfrey herself said that she wanted the book to inspire "other people to live the highest, fullest expression of themselves."

That's all well and good, but we really want the juicy stuff too, Oprah - like what was really going on with Tom Cruise that day with the couch-jumping incident?


H/T: Rolling Stone