I never liked him either. Alan Carr is well rid. Not to mention Anna Larke, his girlfriend of 9 months who had several insights to divulge about Justin Lee Collins' (alleged) behaviour in court today.

BBC News reports: "It is alleged he verbally abused and physically assaulted her, last year. Mr Collins, star of Channel 4's Friday Night Project, is currently appearing in the West End musical Rock of Ages. The jury heard that to 'control' Ms Larke, also 38, he forced her to close her Facebook, Twitter and email accounts once he had read messages."

It gets worse: "Mr Collins is said to have asked her who she was texting or phoning, insisted she did not sleep with her back against him and made her get rid of DVDs which featured actors she might find attractive."

Much worse: "He wanted a full sexual history of me. He wanted all the details and wanted to write it all down. He wanted to know every single person I had slept with or had an encounter with. He said it was for clarity so he could get to grips with my past. I felt absolutely horrible and disgusted. I was really scared. I thought I was going to lose him. He said: 'If you don't do it you will lose me'. All the time he brought stuff up from the past. I shouldn't have done it. Every aspect of my life had to be open for him to dissect. I had to account for what I had been doing."

Much, much worse: "Mr Collins would lose his temper and hit her in the face, pulled her hair and 'would at times threaten to put her in hospital unless she shut up', the court heard. Ms Larke screamed so loudly after Mr Collins grabbed her hair, pulled her to the floor and spat on her in a hotel room that staff came to check on them, Mr Shaw said. On another occasion, in May last year, she was 'forced to flee the flat, screaming for help', when he accused her of infidelity and slapped her, the jury was told."

By way of defence, "Mr Collins said Ms Larke had wanted to detail her sexual history for therapeutic reasons."

The case continues. As if it needs to.