As Tinder grows ever more popular, it can be difficult to make your profile stand out from the hundreds and possibly thousands of people in your area, all looking to meet the person of their dreams on the dating app. 

In a place like Brooklyn, where every second person is a model, photographer, model photographer or jazz recorderist (that's someone who plays the recorder exclusively for jazz purposes) it can be even more difficult, but intrepid Tumblr blogger Lindsay has found that not to be the case for a number of people. 

She has taken to cataloguing her adventures on the dating app when she comes across the...shall we say, more 'unique' individuals that live in her area, some of whom are pictured above. The blog has been going for a while, so there are an incredible amount of potential love interests to choose from that Lindsay has been chatting to, admiring, and in general marveling over, and some of them have left us truly speechless. 

Meet Richard, he has a sex teepee. 

Miles here is a tattoo/model, or a tattoo model. We're not sure which he means.

Maximilian appears to actually own a llama. If that's not going to seal the deal...

You can read about all the amazing profiles on the Tumblr page, including Dick, unicorn enthusiast (in the main image above) and Ernie, professional Prince impersonator. PROFESSIONAL PRINCE IMPERSONATOR everyone. Why are you still here?