While every other celebrity couple seems to be going through the wars, things are only getting started for spring chickens Zayn Malik of One Direction and Little Mix's Perrie. How cute are they? Here they are photographed together spending time with Zayn's family as they celebrate Eid - that's a Muslim festival which marks the end of Ramadam for those of you who aren't familiar - and reports suggest this could well have been the first time Perrie met the fam. Naww, I do love a bit of young love; so hopeful and so smitten.

Perrie's bandmates say that Zayn 'worships the ground' she walks on which, given his band's current world domination, should serve to put her mind at ease. Can you imagine being first of all a teenager (I shudder at the thought of the raging hormones) and second of all madly in love with a member of the world's biggest boyband? She can't not be aware that there are countless little freaks the world over who HATE her just because she's nabbed the broodiest band member of all. God love her.

Anyhoo, while our Niall Horan and the lads were partying hard at V Festival over the weekend, Zayn snubbed the temptation of VIP treatment to support Miss Edwards as she performed at G.A.Y nightclub with her group, Little Mix. It would appear that she's got nothing to worry about. Or DOES she? Sadly (or perhaps it's only sad that I'm talking about it) it's also been suggested that Zayn could well just be sucking up to Perrie after being caught asking a brunette dancer for her number during their Olympic closing ceremony rehearsals. Oh no he DIH-N'T.

Will these young lovebirds stand the test of time? We (OK, maybe just I) live in hope.