More tidbits from the One D press conference today, which some fans have hilariously dubbed One Big Disappointment (what were they expecting, marriage proposals?), with the lads opening up about life on tour. Unfortunately it's nothing like what Harry experienced on that bus in Norway.

The boys insist their pop star lifestyle isn't as exciting as it seems and there are never any girls or booze on the bus, only a PlayStation gaming console and a football, Liam Payne said: 'We basically spend a lot of time on the tour bus playing PlayStation. We can't really sleep that well because [we're] too excited so we kinda get off the bus at 3 in the morning and have a kickabout wherever we are. It's been a bit mad really. So that's been some of the stuff.' with Louis chiming in 'We're really not that exciting. Honestly, I can't think of anything.'

However, notorious womaniser Harry was shamed by his bandmates, who pointed out he'd ditched the boys and hopped on a different kind of bus in Norway to make his own fun. As Harry covered his face with his hands, Liam cheekily said: 'Harry went on a party bus in Oslo, that's the biggest thing.'

The cheeky chaps were also quizzed about Niall Horan's homeland and what the best thing to come out of Ireland was, to which he replied, 'My family'. The boys then embarked on a discussion about the merits of Irish sausages, which Niall told them were better than any other type, but Louis wasn't convinced. He replied: 'I just thought they tasted like normal sausages and they were just called Irish sausages.'

Louis's very fond of a sausage? Who knew.