Looks like Liam Payne's the one who needs to install a panic room in his home, not Louis.

Around 100 One Direction fans besieged his family home after a radio competition went wrong.

Listeners of Free Radio in the West Midlands had been on the hunt to find a hidden pair of tickets to the 'One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)' band's sold out concert in Birmingham tonight (22.03.13), and excitable fans ended up digging through the star's garden in Wolverhampton, in England's Midlands, after misunderstanding the clues.

Liam's father Geoff Payne told The Sun newspaper: 'I'm much better now that the competition is over. I've had people loitering around for days on end now. I'm glad someone won it. There have been people hiding round corners looking for them.'

The tickets were eventually found taped to the back of a road sign close to the singer's home.

Clues for the competition included, 'They are close to somewhere beautiful' and 'Could have been an ancient burial site'.

Free Radio DJs Nigel Freshman and Cat James apologised 'wholeheartedly' to the 19-year-old star's parents for causing them bother, but Geoff now sees the lighter side of the situation.

A source said: 'The fans were in Liam's family's front garden for quite a while. His dad rang the show to say he was relieved the competition was over as fans were mooching around the lawn. Geoff saw the funny side of it, thankfully.'

Between this and the death threats out for his puppy earlier this week, we reckon Liam's starting to see the negative side to all this fame. Is it really worth it?