As far as ridiculous money-spinning merchandise goes, a One Direction perfume is probably as bad as it gets. Apparently some marketing execs 'the boys' have been working on the fragrance for the last six months with company Olivann Beauty, and while it's yet to be revealed the gender it's for, it is said to be 'sweet scent, definitely floral too' . Now the big question is, what will the name of the perfume be? More than likely it will be something to do with their album, in fact, they'll probably just call it Little Things. But there's so much room for amazing names that we had a go at our own. They could go down the French route and call it Diréction Un, or Eau, Eau, Eau, That's What Makes You Beautiful. Or how about Live While We're Hum?

If they decide against those fantastic names (you're welcome marketing execs), they could go for five individual fragrances, one for each member. For example, InZayn by Zayn, Pee-ew-is by Louis, Horan-y by Niall, Cougar by Harry and Zzzzzz... by Liam. We spent an embarrassing amount of time thinking these up. Let us know you're suggestions!