Oh boys. Don't you know there's no camera lens that isn't long enough to snap what you're doing by now?

Taking a break while on their world tour that's currently burning a trail of screaming teens through North America, the One D boys took a luxury yacht worth £2.3m out for the day in Miami, enjoying the illusion of privacy and the vast amounts of water between them and their baying fans.

Louis and Zayn however decided to spend their time at sea smoking some curiously shaped hand-rolled cigarettes, huffing and puffing away where they think they are out of site. All those tattoos and now this? How terribly roguish of them, the rebels. What next, rock and/or roll music?

Once they were done for the day enjoying the ocean air and getting their tan on, the boys arrived back to shore to a mass of adoring fans in various states of undress/seaworthy attire. Harry was basically half naked, showing off his array of tattoos, including the two new George Michael-y ankle additions. Yup, he's gone and got 'Never Gonna' and 'Dance Again' inked across both feet. Careless whispering it ain't.