Before you find yourself whipped into a frenzy at the prospect of Harry Styles overcharging you while taking you the scenic route back to the hotel after a trip to see Sister Act The Musical, they have not landed a deal to drive around One Direction themed black cabs (although they'd make a killing. Unlike Mitch Winehouse...) They have, instead, been given a year's worth of free cab journeys from a London minicab firm.

The boy band mention Addison Lee in their hit single Midnight Memories when they warble 'Way too many people in the Addison Lee', and the company were tickled silly to receive free publicity from the most popular boy bands around.

Their kind offer was inspired by Louis Tomlinson after he urged them via twitter to arrange some kind of deal.

A source told the Daily Mirror: "Addison Lee were delighted to be mentioned in the song. They even tried to see how many people you could actually fit in one of their cabs off the back of it. So they were more than happy to give something in return. Thanks to Louis, they came up with the idea of giving them a year's worth of free cab journeys."

The source added: "One Direction have used Add Lees since they were on the X Factor, and continued to use the company after they were signed. They actually ended up using the same driver quite often, so they took him to Wembley one week to thank him for ferrying them around. Lots of the X Factor alumni are still customers of the cab company. They've been looking at coming up with a celebrity scheme like this for a while, so the boys ­actually catapulted them into action."

Really? Then, instead of offering One Direction free cab rides for a year (which they don't need 'cause Harry enjoys driving his jeep so much), they should really consider my One Direction themed cabs idea instead (cheap rates, 10% cut). They could get 1D lookalikes to drive... Sure anyone can look like Niall Horan with enough hair gel/moustache bleach. Winner.